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Omega Financial Services…

We offer 3 types of Services:

1- e-Cash

2- e-Investment

3- e-Services


Flexible and Easy Payment and Financial Services.

Send Money Instantly with e-Cash

If you are in Canada, you can send money Via eTransfer from your Desktop, Tablet or Cell Phone and your Family members or Friends will receive Cash within 3 Hours in Abidjan or Cotonou…

Secured Investment

Omega Financial offers you an opportunity to make a secured investment that gives you a guaranteed interest after 6 months and you can renew your Risk Free Investment every six months.

Electronic Services

You can now order services from anywhere in the World and get it done within 24 Hours. No seed to send money to people you don’t know or trust anymore… Let us know what you want to get done in more than 7 countries in Africa or in North America and we will deliver the Service.

Sending Payments

Send Money and Withdraw Anytime, In Africa…

If you are in Canada and have access to your Online Banking, you can send money  instantly via eTransfer and we will deliver the Cash to the receiver within 3 hours… You can cash out in Abidjan and Cotonou for now. In the near future, our services will be available in 9 more countries.


We give an opportunity to our customers to make secure investment and earn interest as much as 20% every 6 months with Share-Profit Investment or Invest 50% of the cost of a Car and pay the balance within 12 months. 

SP Investment

Invest $10.000 and receive $12.000 in 6 Months…

CL Investment

It is an investment for your Car, You pay 50% down and the remaining 50% withing 12 months.

Njangui Auto

You save Money for 12 Months, we deliver the Car you want after the 12 months and you pay the remaining balance within 12 months after you get the Keys.

AS Invest

You save minimum $10.00 a week and we let you use your part of your Savings every time you need to maintain your Car.