Loans for equipment financing, equipment leasing, factoring, church loans, working capital, unsecured business loans and more!

Business financing, business loans, equipment leasing, equipment financing, working capital, bad credit, poor credit, low credit scores can be helped with a variety of different business loans. For example unsecured business loans can refer to many different types of loans. While merchant cash advance loans are tied to merchant accounts and the money is pulled from your merchant account proceeds.

Different Business Loans and Financing:

Merchant Account Cash Advance Loans - if you switch their merchant account they will offer transaction up to the amount of credit card sales that you have each month as a loan and simply take back the payment out of the credit card transactions. Apply for merchant cash advance loans online and save money fast.

Unsecured Personal Loans -referring to business loans that don't secure any assets to the loan, also referred to as signature loans. Typically a credit score must be around 620 or so to get an unsecured personal loan from any broker or lender. Remember that brokers are the ones that often have the connections to the lenders that can get the loans done. A business loan broker can be a tremendous help in getting the perfect loan for you with the lowest rates but many times they can be the only reason that you get financed. We have talked to 100's of customers that were turned down until they found a good business loan broker and this changed everything.

Working Capital Loans - a term referring to business loans that allow businesses cash flow to add or keep running a business. A variety of loans can be for working capital such as factoring loans, merchant cash advance loans

Factoring Loans - factoring - You get your cash right away. g refers to loans that are tied to the company's receivables. If your accounts owe you 100,000 you can have a company factor these receivables by offering 90% of the payables up front. The total cost of the factoring is about 1 and 1/2% of the accounts receivables. The responsibility is now on the factoring company to get the receivables from the company.

Equipment Leasing - a way to essentially finance your equipment in all industries and even those with c credit can get leasing for their equipment. Equipment leasing can save you a lot of money over traditional financing and offers ways to purchase the equipment if you choose to do so. Equipment leasing can be done on dental equipment, medical equipment, industrial equipment, manufacturing equipment and thousands of other items including computers.

Equipment Financing - finance one of your company's highest cost - the equipment. Equipment financing spans all industries including industrial, medical, dental, commercial and much more. There are equipment financing companies that specialize in heavy equipment like cranes on down the line to dental equipment financing. Financing equipment is one the common loans done in the business market. Financing equipment makes sense to save thousands of dollars up front and put them into a smaller payment at a very good interest rate.

Church Loans - loans for new churches and for expansion of existing churches. Very few companies finance both but finding companies that do church loans is very important and not  just a typical business financing company. Church loans can be the most complicated to find yet there are several companies that are the absolute best in the industry for your church loan approved.

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